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Lead Generation Strategist, Quiz Funnel Builder

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Connect The Marketing Dots contains online courses and resources providing lead generation support especially for small business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and course creators.

It was started based on feedback that my team and I received from you about the challenges you faced regarding generating good quality, high-converting leads.

Some of the things you told us:

  • I don't know how to start doing lead generation...
  • I'm having a hard time creating my social media content calendar...
  • How can I make 'catchy' content...
  • How do I create content that will drive sales...
  • How do I convert leads into paying customers...

Well, we plan to share how you can address these issues and achieve your business goals through the use of content, branding and funnels.
So, if you'd like to receive more goodness from us on how to grow your list of new customers without needing all the fancy stuff even if most of your business comes from word-of-mouth, then sign on up below!
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